Loonycorn is a small studio that specializes in making clear, vivid technical videos. Loonycorn is based in Bengaluru, incorporated in India (CIN U72900KA2017PTC107786), a proud part of Startup India (DIPP29247). We have no external investors; we are small, and happy to remain small, so long as we can be proud of our work, and of our people. Working at Loonycorn is not for everyone – but we have a core of loyal colleagues whom we are very proud of.

Having spent years in corporate environments where clear, direct communication styles were not always evolutionarily rewarded, we are now glad to have found a calling that allows us to stay untainted by too much seriousness and immersed in exciting new technologies while still managing to pay the bills. We are a studio, not a platform, which means that we work with leading global e-learning platforms rather than sell our products directly to the end-customer.

Loonycorn’s e-learning video materials specifically tend to focus on technologies that are either very new or very complex. We have a zoom-in-zoom-out conversational style that seeks to interleave big-picture considerations (the “why”) with intensely practical implementation details (the “what and how”). Our style places unusually heavy emphasis on two constructs: analogies and visualizations such as trees and maps. These two constructs have been posited as powerful aids to cognition; analogies – particularly colorful, unexpected analogies – help learners relate new concepts to previously well-understood ones, and trees and block diagrams allow learners to easily recall the intricately interlocking parts of modern technologies.

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